North Wales Local Authorities - Homelessness Review


Conwy; Denbighshire; Flintshire; Gwynedd; and Wrexham Councils


arc4 were commissioned to undertake Homelessness Reviews in 2018 for five North Wales local authorities in light of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. These include: Conwy County Borough Council, Denbighshire County Council, Flintshire County Council, Gwynedd Council and Wrexham County Borough Council.

Such reviews complied with the associated and relevant legislation (Part 2 (Homelessness) of the Housing (Wales) Act - 2014) along with the Welsh Government's Code of Guidance on the Allocation of Accommodation and Homelessness (2016).

What we did

These detailed Homelessness Reviews included:

  • An analysis of the past, current and future levels and nature of homelessness;
  • An audit of the services aimed at preventing, accommodating and supporting 
people who are or may become homeless; and
  • A review of the resources available to spend on homelessness within each 

The Reviews pulled together available data from a wide range of sources including Welsh Government Returns, Supporting People needs mapping data, outreach data, Citizen’s Advice Bureau data and Shelter data. In addition to this, a number of consultation exercises were also completed. This included consultation undertaken by arc4 with staff, partners and customers, which was critical to the review process.

The Result

The result of each comprehensive review provides each Council with a sound evidence base upon which a Regional Homelessness Strategy and local delivery plan can be developed. This work provides the basis for a strategic approach to prevent homelessness in each area and across Wales as a whole, and provide the services to support and accommodate those in housing need