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The Riverside Group


The Riverside Group, were planning to initiate two major regeneration initiatives, appointed arc4 and CLES in 2017, to develop a methodology to identify and recommend the neighbourhoods in which Riverside should prioritise investment, as part of its 10 year Neighbourhoods Matter and Closing the Gap ambitions.

What we did

The approach adopted was to identify areas where neighbourhoods offer both challenge and opportunity.

We employed a three stage methodology covering Riverside’s 190 neighbourhoods. This included an initial sift, using the Riverside Sustainability Index, to identify neighbourhoods with both a significant gap to close and sufficient stock to provide economies of scale and impact. Then, quantitative indicators were used to assess neighbourhoods’ challenges and prospects and a shortlist produced. The shortlisted neighbourhoods were examined in greater depth using both a wider range of qualitative and socio-economic indicators and the CLES Community Resilience methodology for assessing stakeholder views and the potential opportunity in each community.

The Result

This project detailed the indicators and ranking of neighbourhoods and enables The Riverside Group with a robust methodology and evidence base to select two neighbourhoods which are now moving forward to investment stage.